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Words that define feelings are very vague; it is better to avoid using them and to stick to the description of objects, human beings and oneself; that is to say, to the faithful description of facts.
(Agota Kristof)

ⓒ Henning Vogt

ⓒ Henning Vogt

The Notebook

At the beginning of The Notebook, the boys are evacuated from the Big Town to the Little Town for the duration of the war. (There are no places or times mentioned in the book, but we presume it to be Hungary during the Second World War.) They live with Grandmother, their mother’s mother, who is indeed known as the Witch. “Sons of a bitch!” she calls them, and beats them. In response, the brothers “decide to toughen our bodies in order to be able to bear pain without crying. We start by hitting and then punching one another.” They decide to toughen their minds too.
And so, conditioned and hardened, the brothers embark upon life in the Little Town.They never do anything more or less than what is necessary to survive…

written by Agota Kristof, presented by  Voxxx Chemnitz, stage version directed by Martin Nimz
Marcus Born, Henning Vogt, Ute Baggeröhr, Anja Panse, Axel Sichrovsky, Nils Kurvin, costumes: Ysteer/music: Frank Bretschneider

Premiere: 26.06.2000


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