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Be you the leader of theses kings. One pen-stroke now, one motion of your hand, can new create the earth! but grant us liberty of thought.
(Friedrich Schiller)

© Drama-Berlin

© Arno Declair

© Drama-Berlin
© Arno Declair

Don Carlos
Deutsches Theater Berlin,  link…
Premiere: 30 th of April  2015
directed by Stephan Kimmig

18. Schillertage Mannheim
(20 th of June 2015)

During the era of bloody religious wars, the Spanish empire under King Philip begins to collapse. He is emotionally spent and wasted. There is no heir in sight. Not only does he prevent his own son, Don Carlos, from claiming power, he also refuses him any form of love. Philip himself marries Elisabeth von Valios, his son’s promised bride, crowning her as the Queen of Spain. Carlos frets at the futility of his love and actions, while Domingo and the Duke of Alba, a pair of church and military careerists, forge plans to seize power. In the midst of this confusion, Marquis Posa arrives – a childhood friend of Carlos’ and a former royal servant, now a freethinker, who has witnessed the terrors of the religious wars and fundamentalist power struggles. He fights for a path of tolerance, and, for a brief moment, he succeeds in adding movement to the political power structures paralysed by cynicism and isolation. But these destructive influences do not rest for long.

Ulrich Matthes (König Philipp), Katrin Wichmann (Elisabeth), Alexander Khuon (Don Carlos), Andreas Döhler (Marquis von Posa), Kathleen Morgeneyer (Prinzessin Eboli), Henning Vogt (Herzog Alba), Jürgen Huth (Domingo), Barbara Schnitzler (Großinquisitor)
Katja Haß (set)Anja Rabes (costumes), Michael Verhovec (music), John von Düffel (dramaturgy)

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