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Cinema Release:  August 2012
Viennale 2012-Festival des Dt. Films 2013-Max Ophüls Festival Saarbrücken 2013

© Moana-Film

© Moana-Film

Into the Blue
written, produced and directed by Rudolf Thome



Vadim Glowna, Alice Dwyer, Elisabeth-Marie Leistikow, Esther Zimmering, Janina Rudenska, Henning Vogt, Stefan Rudolf, Rahel Salvodelli, Christian Althoff and Conrad Nicklisch.

Rudolf Thome’s  “Into the Blue” is a tragicomedy on the making of a film, where a homage of sorts to the French New Wave and Godard (le mépris) can not only be sensed in its structure and storyline, but choice of locations too.

Retired filmmaker Abraham Rabenthal (Vadim Glowna in one of his last appearances) is producing the directorial début feature (titled: Ins Blaue) of his daughter Nike (Alice Dwyer). Together they are filming around Neapolitan locations with their cast and crew. Nike’s film is about three young women – Eva (Esther Zimmering), Josephine (Janina Rudenska), and Laura (Elisabeth-Marie Leistikow) – travelling in a camper van through Italy and having individual adventures with men along the way. Eva hooks up with a monk, Josephine with a mute fisherman, and Laura, an old philosopher. After a bank rejects Abraham’s application for further funding, costs needed to be cut, and two of the male characters – the monk and the fisherman, are played by the same cast member Paul (Henning Vogt), and the old philosopher, by Abraham himself.

But that’s when the constraints of reality and fiction are increasingly disappearing and  things get more and more complicated …

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